Friday, September 04, 2009

``Wrote a poem this Friday morning... had to reassure myself that I haven't lost all!!''

My Precious
---The Treasurer

So many years have passed along,
I don't even know where do I belong?
Is it that you are in my heart,
Or have I been a defaulting renter so long?

I learnt counting trying to keep track
Of the days since I last saw you;
Not only that, it is because of you,
That my number theory is strong.

Everyday I ask myself the probability
That I will see you today;
With each passing day, my odds betray me,
And I can't help but wonder -- what's wrong?

Each time I go browsing,
I google your name.
Hoping against hope to find you,
But no `feeling lucky' there, are you gone?

I tried to debug my system,
The code looks all neat and clean.
In frustration I begin to call out names,
Yet right in time, switch to a song.

You are my precious Treasure,
Why would I lose you;
Why should it matter, if I live alone?
Hope is still with me, let others be drown.

All this crap just mean one thing -- I love you,
Doesn't matter if you stay away a million furlong.

Dated: September 4th 2009

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